Know more about insurance agency management software

One of the easiest improvements in the workplace for insurance agents has been the introduction of CRM for health insurance agents that can organize and handle many small tasks for the insurance agent, freeing them up for more important tasks. Currently, the technology for insurance agent software is pretty similar when it comes to basic tasks, so the little features are what set different insurance agency management systems apart.

Aspire is a highly acclaimed insurance agency management software package with one of the most comprehensive insurance agency management software offerings available.
Aspire is loaded to the brim with features that put other insurance agent software packages scrambling to catch up. Empower soft touts Aspire’s intuitive user interface and enhanced CRM software as some of its most unique and advanced features. The interface is customizable and sets out to get more done with less clicking of the mouse. Information and tasks are available at a glance and drill-down reports are generated in the blink of an eye. The enhanced CRM module includes reminders of birthdays and anniversaries of contacts and also allows for easy contact through emails and SMS/text messaging. Also included is a full marketing module that generates newsletters and surveys for quick messaging and can be integrated with social networking sites.

Aspire has all these bells and whistles, but none of that is worth anything if the insurance agent software does not work as expected. To combat that, Aspire is based on Microsoft technology. In addition, the stability allows for a much higher speed for any task in Aspire, whether generating a report or an ACORD form. Highlighting the software is the fact that Aspire is 100% web-based and accessible from nearly any mobile device, from the iPhone to the Blackberry to any Android phone.

Aspire’s revolutionary CRM software contains a unique package intended to enhance how agents interact with customers. From the agent side, an intuitive user interface allows for customization so more can be done with fewer clicks and information is displayed at a glance, such as important tasks, renewal reminders, and other CRM notifications (birthdays, anniversaries). The CRM software also allows for social network integration, allowing for new pathways for communication and marketing. In addition to the social network marketing, Aspire’s CRM software contains a full marketing module for surveys, newsletters, and other mass emailing products to help grow the agency.

Aspire is a premier insurance agent software with unique but necessary features that once used, will leave agents wondering what they did without them. Aspire product leaves impresses many with its highly touted CRM software, stable and accessible platform, security, and unparalleled customer support. Request a demonstration and let Aspire Product impress you too and learn what it is like to use real insurance agent software.