Eye Damage Caused by Technology

Our eyes have the ability to observe and interpret everything that surrounds us. Undoubtedly, sight is one of the most important senses of the human being, but many times we make some mistakes that cause its gradual deterioration that gradual deterioration not only affects our eyes also another part of our bodies such as bones or teeth, although this last is more comfortable to solve by going with your dentist in Mexico. Technology is a handy resource. However, the excess of light, preventing the constant use of various items and equipment, is one of the most common factors that affect and impact on ocular health.

A study conducted by the University School of Medicine to workers of four Japanese companies, who used computers daily, indicated that they could suffer from hyperopia or myopia in the medium or long term.


How much time do you spend in front of your computer, tablet, smartphone or cell phone? If you exceed, take into account the following advice from the doctor and ophthalmologist.


Appropriate distance


It is essential to keep a reasonable distance from the equipment you are working with. Try to be consistent in this habit, avoid leaning too much and strain your eyes.


Visual movement


It blinks always. Avoid keeping your eyes fixed so as not to strain your eyes. In this way, there is less risk of causing eye damage.


Good lighting


Natural light is the most appropriate and healthy if you are reviewing information on the computer or your smartphone. Reading in the dark is also not allowed.


Artificial Tears


This eye drop is beneficial, especially if you have dehydration or any other visual problem.


Dirty hands


Do not rub your eyes, and less with dirty hands. In addition to germs, they can irritate.


Immediate consequences


A headache, red eyes, tiredness, and blurred vision.


Periods of rest


Rest is fundamental. Do it after you have finished studying or working. Then return to retake what you left unfinished. Look up.


Medical supervision


Consult a specialist and follow his instructions.